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Día Mundial del Pulmón, 25 de septiembre de 2019

Únete a nosotros en esta campaña, mantente informado a través de nuestros canales, participa activamente en esta convocatoria que integra un gran esfuerzo internacional y del que forma parte, con alto compromiso, nuestra SUN.

Dear World Lung Day partner,

In just over two months, on 25 September, it will be World Lung Day (WLD). The WLD toolkit is now available on our new website.

Thank you so much for supporting WLD, you are part of a group of over 130 global WLD partners, uniting to promote better lung health.

What are your plans for WLD? Please share your WLD plans with me and I’ll share details on our website and social media pages.

Last year WLD partners celebrated the day in a variety of ways, here are some examples:

  • Lung health events
  • Going into schools for lung health awareness
  • Spirometry testing events
  • Press conferences
  • Interview slots on tv and radio
  • Facebook live events
  • Creating lung health video content
  • Sharing WLD toolkit messages and images via newsletters, website and social media content

If you need a little event inspiration, you could hold a Healthy Lungs for Life event. The Healthy Lungs for Life campaign encourages people to protect their lungs by being physically active, stopping smoking, reducing air pollution and getting vaccinated. More information is on the WLD toolkit.


WLD Toolkit
The WLD theme this year is linked to Universal Health Coverage (UHC). On 23 September, just two days before WLD the UN High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage takes place. UHC calls for all people to receive the health services they need, when they need it, without suffering financial hardship. WLD messaging includes ‘Leave no one behind. On #WorldLungDay call for HEALTHY LUNGS FOR ALL.’

  • View the WLD toolkit
  • The toolkit includes:
    • WLD factsheet
    • WLD logo
    • Suggested social messages
    • Various digital images and infographics
    • Link to sign the Charter for Lung Health

WLD Pledge Campaign
As part of the campaign this year, we would like to encourage more individuals to get involved, and have included a WLD pledge campaign. The pledges are things like ‘I will help someone stop smoking’ ‘I will walk more to reduce air pollution’ and can be shared on social media. There is also a blank one which can be filled in and shared.

Social Media Links

  • Please use the hashtag #WorldLungDay in all posts
  • Please like our Facebook page
  • Please follow us on Twitter

To Come

  • WLD partner events and information will be added to the website in the coming weeks as we receive them
  • Several journals have agreed to make lung related content freely available for WLD. Information will be added soon

Thank you again for supporting WLD.
We look forward to learning of your plans.
Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions.
Best wishes,


Lisa Roscoe
Communications Officer
Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS)
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